Aquaculture Farms

Aquaculture farms are located in all the places where the industry of Aquafarming has been developped.

Vietnam Aquaculture Farms:

Marine Farms AS, the Bergen, Norway-based international fish farming company which is very active in seabass and seabream in the Mediterranean, and salmon in Scotland, has started two cobia farms, one is Belize in Central America, and the other in Vietnam. Both are producing cobia, based on Norwegian salmon farming technology. The volumes currently being farmed are relatively small around 1000 – 1500 tonnes per year. However, from this year production is set to rapidly increase. Although technically a pelagic species with a high oil content, cobia will compete on the whitefish market where traditional wild-caught species are becoming ever scarcer.

Marine Farms began farming cobia in cages off the coast of central Vietnam in 2005. The early trials proved so successful that the comapny is now regulary flying consignments of fresh cobia to Taiwan. It has also started to process the fish for Europe where it will be sold as IQF skinless loins, and IQF skinless and boneless cobia fillets and portions will also be exported to the USA from Vietnam. Different product formats can be supplied to both markets if required. Cobia has been called ‘ Tropical Salmon ‘ because of it’s versatility.

Chinese Aquaculture farms:

Chinese Aquaculture Farms

Ecuador Aquaculture farms:

Shrimp Ecuador Ponds

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